Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Late Night Desire

It's late at night and I am laying alone in my bed, my mind wandering as I think of you. Its been weeks since I felt your touch on the back of my neck. It's soft although you body is strong. I close my eyes as I imagine your breathe on the small of my back. It is warm and inviting. I can feel your body coming closer to mine.

I start to shiver as I am reminded that you are not here. How could I feel you so distinctly yet not see you. Extreme frustration has taken over me. My body is longing for you.

I remove my clothes and rise out of the bed. I knew how to recover from this anguish. A warm shower might feel like your touch. The soft water droplets kissing my skin like your hands do late at night. I turned on the water and grabbed my favorite waterproof vibrator. Into the water we go.

I stepped into the shower and closed my eyes. The water hit my nipples delicately. I imagined your lips softly kissing me. Although thousands of droplets hit my body, I imagined each one individually, pretending it was your lips, your tongue, your fingers.

Almost in a daze, I slower brought the vibrator to the tip of my clit. You always did know how to use your tongue. Slowly I allowed myself to slip into the fantasy of you. I believed you were on your knees slowly caressing my clit with your tongue while we showered together. As I moaned you worked harder oblivious to the water falling on your head, only wanting to please me.

I don't remember how the shower ended. I don't remember turning the shower off, drying off or getting back in the bed. All I know is that I woke up the next morning satisfied after my dreams of you.


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