Friday, January 14, 2011

A Roundup of Sex Toy Reviews

So I stumbled on Pleasurist today. It is basically a weekly review roundup of sex toys and media from around the Internet. Its pretty cool to read, but by no means expansive. Although there are more reviews online, I like that most of the poorly written reviews do not make the cut.  Check out a re-print (with permission) of this weeks edition:.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Late Night Desire

It's late at night and I am laying alone in my bed, my mind wandering as I think of you. Its been weeks since I felt your touch on the back of my neck. It's soft although you body is strong. I close my eyes as I imagine your breathe on the small of my back. It is warm and inviting. I can feel your body coming closer to mine.

I start to shiver as I am reminded that you are not here. How could I feel you so distinctly yet not see you. Extreme frustration has taken over me. My body is longing for you.

I remove my clothes and rise out of the bed. I knew how to recover from this anguish. A warm shower might feel like your touch. The soft water droplets kissing my skin like your hands do late at night. I turned on the water and grabbed my favorite waterproof vibrator. Into the water we go.

I stepped into the shower and closed my eyes. The water hit my nipples delicately. I imagined your lips softly kissing me. Although thousands of droplets hit my body, I imagined each one individually, pretending it was your lips, your tongue, your fingers.

Almost in a daze, I slower brought the vibrator to the tip of my clit. You always did know how to use your tongue. Slowly I allowed myself to slip into the fantasy of you. I believed you were on your knees slowly caressing my clit with your tongue while we showered together. As I moaned you worked harder oblivious to the water falling on your head, only wanting to please me.

I don't remember how the shower ended. I don't remember turning the shower off, drying off or getting back in the bed. All I know is that I woke up the next morning satisfied after my dreams of you.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I ride my iRide

For Christmas I decided to purchase an expensive sex toy. Although I had a few on my  ----> wish list, <--- I knew exactly which one I wanted to splurge on first. It was the iRide and it was calling my name. First, a little back story about why I was so attracted to the iRide.

Early in my sexual life I used to watch lots of porn. I found that I began to be attracted to girls having powerful orgasms while riding a vibrator that looked like she was riding a horse. I later found out that 'horse' was called a Sybian.

Now its back to 2010. I am browsing Eden Fantasy, and guess what I find? It's a bright pink, affordable, personal home edition of a Sybian.

Ok, not exactly...  but close enough for moi.

The iRide is made by Doc Johnson and is manufactured as a rabbit vibrator. It is classified as a rabbit because it has two separate vibrators to stimulate both the clitoris and the vagina. That is where the rabbit similarities might end.

The iRide is large. At13 inches long it is the largest toy in my collection. Although its kind of roomy, it only weighs 2 pounds.  It is made out of smooth shiny plastic, with TPR coating on the two areas meant to stimulate, and the area where you rest your body. This means that every portion of the toy that your flesh touches is greeted with smooth gentle safe materials. (Material Safety Guide )

Pink dual action vibrator made of plastic and TPR for clitoral stimulation with built in control pad.
The iRide
The toy is powered by four Aa batteries and has quite a kick to it. My absolute favorite thing about it is that it has separate vibrators for the probe and smaller bump. This means that you can sit on the toy and use just the vibrating  probe, or you can turn the bump on and vibrate two areas at once, or you can leave the probe in and vibrate only the clit, or you can turn around and stick the probe in your ass... or .... well you get where I am going with this...

The iRide is shaped like a saddle, but it is only 5 inches wide. The probe in the center is 4 inches long with a  1 and a half  inch diameter. The probe is smooth and straight but it bends easily. It seems to be completely TPR as it is not hard like the rest of the toy. The bump is next to the probe and is surfacedwith the TPR. It is made for placing sensitive areas on it (like the clitoris or scrotum) for stimulation.

The bottom of the iRide is curved so that it can be rocked. The curve makes for a very comfortable seat. I am not the most flexible person, but I found that I could sit on the toy for long periods without problem.


When I first played with my iRide I slid down onto the probe and let it fill my insides. It was firm, yet felt soft inside of me. There were two buttons on the front of the rocker. Looking at them, I gently pressed the left on/off button. It started the probe into a light vibration. I rocked my body forward and the probe bent with my body, gently bending  to stimulate my G spot slightly. Loving this position, I pressed the button again. The vibrations became stronger. Using my hands, I slid up and down on the probe, amazed by how good it felt. Pressing the button again....  weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Now that's nice.

At this point, my man walked in to ask me what the noise was. Looking down at me on the floor, rocking on a pink saddle with only a bra on, he shook his head.

"Oh, its your toy, I see you like it."

He plopped himself on the bed to watch me continue to test out the iRide.

It was time for the second button. With the probe still inside me, I turned on the 'bump' while turning off the probe. It wasn't that strong. I leaned into the bump some more and pressed the button again. The vibrations increased and I started to like it more. Beginning to get an idea what would turn me on, I turned the probe back on. Now I have both the bump and probe on, and it feels amazing! I turn the bump up once more to its highest setting and the probe up to medium. I close my eyes and ride the waves until they are through.

When I opened my eyes, I found my guy staring at me stroking himself.


Review Specifics

Type:  Dual Stimulation Vibrator
Price:  around $100
Material: Plastic with some TPR; safe with most lubes
Cleaning:  Standard (soap water/ toy cleaner)
 Toy is not waterproof take care around batteries.
Designed for: Females, Males or Couples
Powered:  4 AA batteries
Storage: Good luck with that
Travel: Not suggested
Sound: Loud music required to drown out.
How do I look with it: PRETTY FUCKIN SEXY Webcam approved.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ring in My New Year

This is our first New Year's together. I have been waiting for this night for so long. A chance to spend the last minutes of 2010 with someone that makes me feel so good. The night started typical. A little bit of dinner, followed by some dancing. Around 11:30pm you said you wanted to do something different and grabbed my hand.

"Lets go back to the room."

I was disappointed. I wanted to countdown with everyone else. But the look in your eye told me I might have more fun if I just followed you.

When we reached the room, I noticed a chilled bottle of champagne. Before I could sit, you had popped the bottle and poured me a glass.

"Drink up."

"But its not midnite yet." I protested mildly.

I drank my champagne, curious about what you had in mind. As soon as I finished, you poured me another.

"Aren't you going to drink some?" I asked

"Not yet." you responded casually.

For the next twenty minutes I carefully drank every glass you poured me. I think it was about glass number four when you changed your tone and commanded me to bend over the bed.

Too tipsy to truly protest, I bent over the bed exposing my lace panties. I felt you creep up behind me to gently careess my thighs. With your free hand you cupped my hands together above my head.

"Now lets start our countdown," you whispered.

You gently pulled down my panties and I felt a drop of something cold. I later realized it was the BodyGlide you were rubbing on my bottom.


Before I could audibly say yes, I felt a swift sting on my bottom.

















"Yeah Ahhhhhhhhhhhh"


"Oh F***"


As I exploded in ecstasy, the Naughty Ruler fell to the floor.

Happy New Year.

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