Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ring in My New Year

This is our first New Year's together. I have been waiting for this night for so long. A chance to spend the last minutes of 2010 with someone that makes me feel so good. The night started typical. A little bit of dinner, followed by some dancing. Around 11:30pm you said you wanted to do something different and grabbed my hand.

"Lets go back to the room."

I was disappointed. I wanted to countdown with everyone else. But the look in your eye told me I might have more fun if I just followed you.

When we reached the room, I noticed a chilled bottle of champagne. Before I could sit, you had popped the bottle and poured me a glass.

"Drink up."

"But its not midnite yet." I protested mildly.

I drank my champagne, curious about what you had in mind. As soon as I finished, you poured me another.

"Aren't you going to drink some?" I asked

"Not yet." you responded casually.

For the next twenty minutes I carefully drank every glass you poured me. I think it was about glass number four when you changed your tone and commanded me to bend over the bed.

Too tipsy to truly protest, I bent over the bed exposing my lace panties. I felt you creep up behind me to gently careess my thighs. With your free hand you cupped my hands together above my head.

"Now lets start our countdown," you whispered.

You gently pulled down my panties and I felt a drop of something cold. I later realized it was the BodyGlide you were rubbing on my bottom.


Before I could audibly say yes, I felt a swift sting on my bottom.

















"Yeah Ahhhhhhhhhhhh"


"Oh F***"


As I exploded in ecstasy, the Naughty Ruler fell to the floor.

Happy New Year.


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